Colonisation : Moonbase - coming soon!


Moonbase is the first of the colonisation games where you get to start humanities greatest challenge yet, colonising other worlds.

- Go where few have gone and do what no one has done before -

In moonbase you take this challenge upon yourself in an epic attempt to form a colony on the lunar surface, you will have to manage your resources and population to grow and expand your colony from a simple outpost to a thriving metropolis discovering the art of trade and management as you try to handle business, tourism and self expansion..

In this epic quest to colonise the moon you will advance humanity's understanding and further technology in the pursuit of the ever illusive lunar metropolis that have been dreamt up over the ages.

Can you make a successful base and become rich beyond your wildest dreams or will you find out the hard way that humans need more oxygen than you thought?

Find out how well you can handle life on the next frontier when Colonisation: Moon Base is released!

Colonisation: Moonbase is a game that was originally designed for android devices, however due to demand it is now being published on PC instead.

You will have access to some of the latest technology in your attempt to build your colony from over 50 unique and diverse structures and as you progress through over 50 missions!

you also have a choice of over 10 maps constructed from real lunar telemetry, select from the apollo landing site where man first touched down on the lunar surface over 40 years ago to the dark side of the moon where you will never see earth... and earth will never see you!

All of this along with an excellent relaxing sound track to listen to as you enjoy and play Colonisation: Moonbase. Grab it in Q3 2014!


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