Picture gallery update

imageThe gallery has not been updated for a very long time, infact too long, so taking the opportunity to add some awesome screenshots of the game in its current state of development.
You will notice a couple of differences, first the lunar surface has been upgraded in detail and accuracy and the skydome is now twice the resolution it was previously.

Plus the addition of health bars and a more detailed terrain texture. there are some large bases as well as small ones, all taken from actual gameplay, these are bases people have actually made!

Release 0.2 Beta


Version 0.2 of the game will be out soon, the final last few big bugs are being tracked down and fixed, this will be a massive update adding new features including missions, several tutorials, user interface overhaul so text is easier to read and all menus guaranteed to work on a low resolution screen. Repair facility range denoting how far repair ships should travel, and an end game where if you go below a negative amount of cash for too long your game is over, plus on top of this 8 new buildings have been added to the game.

Further to the additional content are some important fixes, you should no longer be able to have negative resources, instead an automatic shutdown system has been fixed that will shut down some buildings till your income is in the positive, this now adds some challenge to the game as your base could potentially completely shut down if care is not taken over your resources and repair ships.

Feature Lock


As the game has now gone into beta, a feature lock has been placed on the game and its content, this means that with a good certainty that the content listed below will be included in the game, as such the stretch goal meter has now gone.

Unfortunately the stretch goal fundraising did not go too well, most likely as I neglected the PR side, however not to be concerned though!

I felt it important to get the game to a standard that I was happy with and would want to play my self, so I done the same as I did before the kickstarter event and decided to put the extra features at more risk to my own pocket... I truly want to make a great game to be enjoyed by everyone. With that said, here is a list of additional features in the game.

Goal 2 - (was £7,500) Improved mineral prospecting, you will get overlays for a detailed mining coverage as well as sunlight and water coverage, making placement of buildings gathering that resource a strategic choice.

Goal 5 - (was £12,000) Population Management, There are now several extra management abilities regarding your colonists, these include health, happiness, technical ability and skills. All of which will affect your moonbase and how its population will work. In addition to these you will have the ability to invest in potential colonists from earth, increasing their abilities before they even reached your base.

Additional resource, Fuel, this will be used by a number of buildings including the trading ships and orbital structures, with this in mind several new buildings have been added to the game to accompany this feature.

Beta Release


The game has now entered into its beta phase, while this may be a little early it was for the benefit of the kickstarter backers who have had to wait longer than expected to get their hands on the beta, this now means that the game has now reduced in price for those who want to just dive into it immediately by £10 GBP (approx $16.72 USD less) from £30 GBP to £20GBP (approx $33 USD) and is only £5 more than the actual release cost!

As a beta backer you will get access to all versions of the beta, however if you still want to support the game more and would like to purchase the alpha too the option is still available, with purchasing the alpha you will get all 6 Alpha versions to download.

Updated website


The website has just been updated, you will notice that there is now a download section and a login button (top right of thepage) the payment system, while still used paypal is now automated to add your purchase to your account immediately.


There is also a new bug tracking system that you can access at http://www.colonisationgames.com/bugtracker you can use this to report bugs you find in the game and will help track issues from build to build.


With new systems there may be teething problems where a few things might not work, so far there have been no reports of any issues, however if you do have an issue with the site please feel free to contact me at colonisationgames@gmail.com

We made it!


After running our kickstarter for a month and fantastic support from people who truly have believed in the game, at the final hour Colonisation: Moonbase was successfully funded!

So what does this mean for the future of the game, well in short it means it will now be released, hopefully near the end of October, due to the level of funding it is currently going to the be basic version.

So what is the basic version, well its not too far from a direct port of the android version, but will have extra features to make it suited towards a PC, for further details please check out this post on the forums.

With the recent success of the game on kickstarter I am now taking pre-orders for the game on our website using paypal. prices start from as little as £15 all pre-orders will go towards the stretch goals.

The old & the new


Colonisation: Moonbase failed to reach its goal, however though the feedback we got back from people it was clear that you wanted it on the PC instead, so not to dissapoint, here it is, Colonisation Moonbase PC

We have started a second kickstarter campaign for the PC version, I hope you can help raise the funds needed PC kickstarter

Kickstarter campaign... Is now Live!


Our kickstarter campaign is now live! go support us at Kickstarter.com

Nows your chance to get that exclusive content!

Kickstarter campaign!


Our Kickstarter campaign will be live very shortly, help us make the best game we can by pledging to our cause, you will get some nifty exclusive rewards if you do. The Kickstarter project is only active for a total of 15 days so dont miss out!

Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraiser where people like you pledge to a project before it is complete, in return for your pledges you get rewards.

Up for grabs will be exclusive cheat system where all in game purchases will be free! there are many more options including early access to the game so go check it out

Development Update


We have been playing the game now for hours at a time with very positive results, constructing over 160 buildings on a single map with few issues at max graphical settings. In game performance is good and we are aiming to improve it still, you will get your first look at the game in action soon with our first video release.