About Colonisation games.


Colonisation games is a set of planned games currently in development by a small development team in the United Kingdom with moonbase being released soon!

The game was originally designed for android devices, however due to demand it is now being published on PC instead.

We hope that you will enjoy our hard work and have fun playing the seires. you may also learn a few facts about the solar system as you play our games so keep an eye out on our website and facebook for future releases and events.

Meet the team.

Scott Jones - Game Maker


I love games so making my own game has always been a dream! I finally got the chance when I left university studying computer games design. After coming up withe the original idea for moonbase it was just the simple not so simple job of making the game. While it has thrown me challange after challange I have had so much fun making the game and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Other than making games having fun is high on my list of priorities often playing games with friends, supreme commander and eve online are just a couple of my favourites. I also like partying - who doesnt like to have fun! 

Ricardo Teixeira - Creative Designer Consultant


Video games makes us forget what's around us and allow our minds to enter new worlds outside our reality. Players can choose from multiple game genres and a variety of stories for their minds dwell into those worlds, and populate them with the magical art of games.

Now skipping the over-psychological introduction to games, I'm also a games designer graduate and my ideas for games surround the humans senses and immersion. I was approached by Scott, to help make a game that didn't have to follow the set path of game development with a hierarchal team above you telling what to do. Instead, we try and explore ideas can make a game fun, simple, and interesting so that players can enjoy and that became Moonbase.



Besides the crazy ideas as a games designer, I'm also a 3D modeller, specialising in character art, a n00b programmer, and musician/composer.


I hope you enjoy our ideas and have as much fun as possible with our games

Alex Hill - Lead Audio


I've been a fan of video games for as long as I can remember, and for the last 6 years I have worked in the QA departments of various companies around England. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to be a bit more creative and lend my talents as a musician/composer and sound designer for this project.

My passion for music is unbridled and I have been creating music for years, beginning with the guitar, and more recently (about the last 2 years) computer based compositions. Working on this project has been great so far, it has given me an excuse to be reclusive and sit in front of my laptop, headphones perched atop my head, whisked away in music-world.

When I'm not embroiled in my own fantasy world (or someone else's for that matter), I enjoy working out and martial arts. I go to the gym regularly, pump some iron, do some miles on the treadmill and at the weekends I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this game, and I hope you enjoy my music.

Kickstarter Supporters

imageNear the end of the game we started a kickstarter campaign, people supported us by pledging money to us, the list of people can be found on the dedicated moonbase kickstarter pledge page